Artist Resume

Jorge Elizondo (born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico on October 15th, 1953) is a contemporary sculptor with over 30 years of career primarily distinguished for his large scaled work on direct carving of stone materials and iron forging. He handles a wide range of materials including various types of marble, stainless steel, bronze, steel, wood, glass, paper and resins. His work can be found in important private collections (CEMEX, MARCO, Comercial America, among others) as well as in public spaces in countries like Mexico, Spain, Germany and Italy.

He has had multiple exhibitions, highlighting his work in a trascendent way. Individually, he has exhibited at important places like the Museo de Monterrey in 1988 and 1991 and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey (MARCO) in 2011, where he presented his latest exhibition entitled "La Voz de mis Manos" (The Voice of my Hands), a retrospective exhibition showing a significant part of his work and future projection. Collectively, he has also contributed presentations in places of great importance as the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City in 1994 and the University Museum of Science and Arts (MUCA) in 1990, among other international institutions. Likewise, Elizondo has been invited to work in countries like USA, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Germany, Spain and Korea.

Monumental works such as Entropía I (1994), belonging to the University of Monterrey, La Nube (2007), located on Monterrey's Iron and Cement Sculptural Route along the Rio Santa Catarina, and Sol Poniente (2009-2011), made for GONHER Mexico are just some of the pieces that are part of the producer's outstanding portfolio, which has given way for his national and international recognition. Currently he is working on monumental works for the Group FRISA and the Technological Institute of Superior Studies of Monterrey (ITESM), Monterrey Campus. The artist has been continuously involved in teaching young people. He finds great satisfaction and sense of responsibility in conveying to students the knowledge he has acquired in sculpture. Because of this, he has participated as a teacher at many universities in the city of Monterrey, as well as workshops and courses in various cities in Mexico and various U.S. universities. Due to the artist's interest of expanding the field of stone sculpture, he created the Estudio Jorge Elizondo (EJE) to provide an institution with cutting edge technology where new sculptural talents can develop in an optimal environment. Located within the landmark nature park Huasteca Canyon, EJE has a library and two production halls, comprising: a fabrication shop for all types of materials in any format, experimental workshops for concrete, resin, plaster, wax, glass and paper, a workshop of prototypes and models which features a CNC router, a Z-Printer 450 prototype printer and plotters. The EJE hosted the 1st International Stone Sculpture Symposium in Monterrey (SIEMM) in 2007, organized by Elizondo himself. SIEMM has become one of the most significant events for the sculptural sector of the city of Monterrey, and will have its second edition in 2013. Likewise, the sculptor has organized numerous international symposia across the Mexican Republic.

"My sculptural universe goes within. Almost all the series I've done come from an emotional drive, something that makes me anxious or that excites me, makes me sad or gives me joy, things like that; that's my universe, my own emotions, my own perceptions; and that internal universe is powered by all the external stimuli I get, stimuli of various kinds, whether experiential or intellectual. All of them result in a subsequent reaction that manifests itself in a particular work ... "I think you do things that affect you emotionally in any way. My work is always developed from meetings and connections, the perception of something that moves me and makes my thoughts and emotions spin around, and then I act accordingly. I don't start from predetermined concepts, they manifest themselves later as a result of emotional excitement. This is how the various topics I address in my work arise, related to the design of our existence, the fragility of human nature, the cosmos and the pursuit of divinity as the major premises."

-Jorge Elizondo, Sculptor